Questions and Answers


Is the use of MALDI-UP free of charge?

Yes, MALDI-UP is designed to facilitate open scientific exchange among users. What is listed in MALDI-UP is not intended to be commercial. An instruction for the use of the MALDI-UP list can be found on the website as “User Guide” under the Download tab.


Who is operating MALDI-UP?

MALDI-UP was started in 2015 by MALDI users from the Chemical and Investigation Agencies (CVUA) in Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Hessian State Laboratory. The website is hosted at under the terms specified there. Maintenance and editing are currently carried out by employees of the Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Stuttgart (CVUAS), Germany.


Is MALDI-UP limited to microorganisms such as bacteria?

No. Microorganisms do represent a large proportion of the reference and validation spectra due to the previous interests of the users. However, the platform is explicitly designed to support a wide range of applications.
Reference spectra for meat, fish, dairy products, insects, crustaceans, fungi, and plants, among others, can be found in addition to microorganisms. These are used to identify animal species, for example. More themes and more list entries for exchange are welcome.


How frequently is the MALDI-UP list updated?

We usually update the MALDI-UP catalog every four weeks. When there are significant changes, such as a large number of new entries, intermediate updates are also carried out.


Can I contribute spectra by myself?

Yes. A new database entry or a single validation spectra can be added to the catalog (in Microsoft Excel) with a specified format. For this you can use the form “New Entries for MALDI-UP”.
As a user, you only provide few personal data who characterize you as the owner of the spectra.
Please send the form to . Your contribution will undergo an editorial review. Finally, the most recent entries will be included in the catalog’s next update.

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