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MALDI-UP catalogue – an open exchange among users

The MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) is a proven technique with steadily growing applications for the identification of species. Databases containing reliable reference spectra of a specific protein pattern are a central component for a successful result.

The MALDI-UP catalogue enables the exchange of MALDI-TOF-MS spectra between users working in the field of microbiology, food analytics and in other fields.

  • High-quality database entries ready for (personal) laboratory use
  • Mutual exchange of information like spectra
  • Promotion of network building between MALDI-users world wide
  • Expansion of application possibilities for users
  • Closing of diagnostic gaps particularly in the area of microbiology

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The MALDI-UP catalogue

The MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry offers a wide range of applications for the identification of species, including:

  • isolates of the area of food microbiology
  • isolates of the area of veterinary diagnostics
  • food samples of animal origin
  • food samples of plant origin

The comparison of the obtained mass spectra with the provided reference spectra in the database allow us to identify the unknown organism.
In addition to the extensive databases of the producers, it is possible to store database entries by oneself. Existing applications can be complemented with own materials or extended with completely new fields of interest.

This is where the MALID-UP catalogue comes in: The information about the maldi-spectra are provided in an excel format from different users'The catalogue provides exact information regarding the created single spectra, reference entries and about the corresponding isolates and materials. Through specific enquiries, you can find contact persons for your field of interest and request their spectra.

The actual concept was created by the staff of the Chemical and Veterinary Analytical Institute Stuttgart (CVUA Stuttgart) and the State Laboratory of Hessen.


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